Reddy Seva Samithi has taken up several Social service Activities. Apart from the award of Scholarships to the poor but meritorious students, the following activities have been undertaken.

Samithi has distributed animal fodder worth of Rs 30,000/-to all the farmers irrespective of caste and religion in chinnamudiam village of Jammulamadugu when the village was submerged in Kundu floods. The animal fodder supplied was adequate until the arrival of fodder in the next season. The villagers offered their tractors to bring the fodder from Allagadda.

The family of Sri Ramachandra Reddy native of Pendlimarri Mandal was helped to come out of the debts due to factional politics. His family was helped by providing a sewing machine and an Embroidery machine. He was also helped in getting a loan from the syndicate Bank. Now he is leading a normal life.

Another family migrated from Pathikonda of Kurnool District. The family was given financial help to start a road side Hotel, especially for making Jonna Rotis. Now the family is well settled.

Our limited financial resources did not permit us to take up social amelioration Programmes of the above type.

The organization has taken up to improve the moral and ethical values by selling selected poems of Yogi Vemana (200) at 50% subsidised rates.Each book is sold at the rate of Rs 5/- for popularizing Vemana poems. Poems are recorded and C.D.s are also being sold @ 20/- each C.D. The poems are well received by the public. So far 3000 books are sold.

Competitions on Vemana poems are also being conducted for primary school students for propagating ethical values at early stages in life. Handsome Prizes are also being awarded to winners to attract the students. All the other students who participated are given a booklet of Vemana poems. So far six such Yagnams have been conducted (Kadapa, Proddatur, Nandalur, Rajampeta, Penagalur and Chitvel). This Programme will be continued in future.

In Tungabhadra floods ( September,2009), people of Kurnool district suffered heavily. As a gesture, the students of the hostel raised donations just for a half a day on Sunday. The amount raised was Rs 76,000/- The amount was given to the District collector by cheque.

A new building was constructed for S.K.R. & S.K.R. Government College for women, Kadapa after nearly two decades. But unfortunately furniture was not provided. As there are no benches in the class rooms, more than 1300 students sit on the floor. The sight is more pathetic in rainy seasons. Neither the Government nor the public representatives bother about the plight of students for the last several years. The District Collector appealed to Reddy Seva Samithi to provide steel benches and ,in turn, he promised to give matching grant. On the appeal made by the District Collector, Reddy Seva Samithi provided furniture worth of Rs 3.5 lakhs and the District Collector also gave a matching grant of Rs 3.5 lakhs.Thus all the students are provided sitting accommodation.

Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa was providing food to 22 members of orphans gathered from several Rayalaseema Districts . They did not start a school in 2008-10. Hence Reddy seva Samithi came forward to reimburse the school fee of the orphan students. A commitment was given to Ramakrishna Mission that the organization pays school fee directly to Sarswathi Sishu Mandir , Yerramukkapalli, Kadapa.The commitment is Rs 40,000/- per year. Reddy Seva Samithi already paid 40,000/- for the year 2009-2010.The amount for the year 2010-11 has also been paid.The Samithi has to pay another installment in 2011-12. Thus the total expenditure is Rs 1,20,000/-.