The building is located at 78.81670 E -14.46670 N. The important activity of Reddy Seva Samithi is the construction and maintenance of Ladies Hostel . The hostel is located on Rajiv Marg in Yerramukkapalli of Kadapa Municipal Corporation . The road is always busy and more especially during morning and evening hours with walkers. Both Railway station and RTC Bus Stand are closely situated( within 1 km distance). The demand for admissions is very high and the organization is unable to meet the demand. The Hostel requires further expansion. If the donors come forward, the organization wants to enhance the uptake....

Free Internet facility is being provided for all hostel students with liberal financial assistance of I B M , Bengalur and Sri S.Narayana Reddy.

Vemana Padyalu ( a booklet of 30 pages) is being supplied to Vandemataram Organisation at subsidized cost of Rs 2/- only for the use of school students in Warangal, Mahaboobnagar and Nalgonda districts.Vandemataram is striving to imbibe moral and ethical values based on Vemana Phiolosophy.

The Hotel is named after Late Smt. Puttam Reddy Sakunthalamma, the mother of Sri P.Pratap Reddy, M.D. of Penna Cements. The total requirement of cement was met by Sri P.Pratap Reddy.

The Hostel Building which was incomplete on the south-western side since foru years due to scarcity of funds has been taken up during this year. An additional accommodation for 32women students will be made available during then academic year -2010-11.

The Block on the northern side is named after Sri K.Nityananda Reddy, The Philanthropist from Hyderabad and also one of the Managing Directors of Aurobindo Pharma.

The Block on the southern side is named after Sri Vangala Thirumala Reddy,S.E. of APSEB(Rtd), who contributed Rs 13.0 lakhs for the construction of hostel.

The Dining Hall is named after Smt (Dr)V.Thulasamma and Dr. Surya Reddy who donated 5 cents site in the beginning for the construction of Hostel.

The stage is named after Prolaya Vema Reddy, the founer of Reddy Kingdom at Addanki.

Each room is named after a donor who contributed not less than 1.0 lakh rupees. The list is given under donors.

At present, the Hostel has the following accommodation:

Total number of rooms : 40 (with attached bath room).
(three rooms are utilized each one for stores, office and shop cum telephone booth).
Room Size: 3.75M x 5.4M
Number of students: 37x4 = 148
Big Halls(reading room and recreation rooms) : 2 Nos of each 7.5M x 6.0 M
Performing Stage 6.0 M x 6.0 M ( Prolaya Vema Reddy Sabha Mantapam)
Kitchen : 11.1M x 5.4 M
Dining Hall : 7.5 M x 14.1M